Turn Up The Volume…






 Kanye West Glow Tour Shirt (old)

Pink Skirt (old) (Similar Here)

Coach High Tops (similar Here)

Neon Bracelets (thrifted) (Similar Here)

Elephant Necklace (similar here)

Canada bag (thrifted)

Slick Headphones (Similar Here)

Owl Iphone Case (Bethany Mota X AeroPostale-Similar Cases Here)

Happy friday. I am so excited its Finally Friday! I already feel fall coming in full swing (and so is my homework) which is what I will be doing all of Saturday. (Hi Library)! While I’m currently drooling over all the #NYFW action. I have to keep it real. Next week i am so excited i finally got a new photo lens to shoot with. Expect way better pictures to come Your way. I hope you have a very happy and safe weekend (please drink a pumpkin latte for me)!

xx Alex

36 comments on “Turn Up The Volume…

  1. My daughter would love those bamboo styled bracelets. She just bought a bunch of bracelets for kids in her class..

  2. Oh my, how colorful you are today! I love the library. We just started going to ours. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. It sure has changed, and the things they have there is unbelievable. hehehe TGIF Have a good weekend.

  3. Love your style it is cute on you. I could never get away with all the colors. I love the phone case just because I love owls. Thanks for sharing.

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