That’s the Ugliest Monogram, shirt ever.


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Shirt: Thrifted (similar here)  Skirt: Thrifted : Leggings: Thrifted Shoes: thrifted : Bag : vintage holiday travel bag Jewelry: Vintage : Sunglasses: Liz Clayborne Vintage (Similar Here) Lipstick: Wet & Wild in Red Velvet (here)

Photography by Katelyn

Hi there sorry that its been forever since i have written, I am really going to start working on the blog more, i know i say that every time but this time i really mean it. Today in my series of The trends that died out, that are cool again, we have the Ugly Monogram that you wouldn’t ever want to wear. Everyone Likes something customized i mean (HELLO? only reason to own a custom Louis Vuitton) Yesterday i went thrifting, i have been on a recent kick to get rid of things i dont use, and Ive been pretty  on it, and i found this sweet “Mike- Chucks Harley Davidson shirt). More in the last year I have been so recently obsessed with peoples monograms that aren’t mine. Something about the monogram, with someone else initials makes me think of who did it belong to? Who owned it before me? I still fell in love with this Harley shirt i kinda of associate it with that last post i made (wearing men’s clothes is cool again). Again i find myself caught up in this trend, that it is cool to wear the monogram of someone else, i mean my new name is mike anyways! –



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