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You know all those hilarious T- shirts, that you see all over Pintrest & Tumblr. Well I’ve compiled by favorite ones here. More than recently i remember these T-shirts have become more popular this past year and in 2013. The rise of the funny cult shirts have become a sensation. I thought it might be fun to compile ones that are super funny.


Bitches Get Stuff Done | Go Fuck Your Seflie | Monday Is A Basic Bitch | No One Believes In Me | All I Care About Is Pizza And Like Two People| 97Cats | Plans with My Cat| Iowa Bitch| Npr Cool | Satan Made Me Do it | Thug Life | I watch netflix | Trillhouse | I have a date with netflix | To Be Or Not To Be | Home Isnt Where |

That Ugly, Ridiculous Legging, You Know You Own.


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Credits: Blazer – Vintage – Shirt : Sworn In T-shirt (available here) Leggings: Tripp NYC (from Trash & Vaudeville) Shoes: N by Nicole Miller (Similar Here) Necklace: Vintage Rope Link Earrings: Vintage : Ring : Owl Ring By Zombina Boutique   Sunglasses : Vintage Liz Claybourne Beanie: Vintage Beanie -Thrifted Bag : Vintage Coach (Similar Here)

Hey guys, so did your survive black Friday? Or Just like me and go to one store (to buy this : Record Player). I luckily made it out in 30 minutes of time. I am very excited to bring you one of the last installations before i start talking all holiday of “Ugly Trends that are cool again” I will have two more installations, before i end this series. I have some exciting things coming up for the blog so be sure to stay tuned.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the ridiculous legging you know you probably own. I am a huge fan of leggings (and so is every girl in Iowa who wears Jackets and boots). I am more on the crazy leggings side of this, you see that leggings have become more and more popular in the rise of the Middle of the 21’st century. Everywhere you can imagine now sells them, I of course bought these stripped leggings at one of my favorite stores in NYC –Trash & Vaudeville (that have dressed the likes of Ramones and Debbie Harry to name a few) we all know the ridiculous Space and cat leggings everyone carries (i mean serious you’d want to buy those cat leggings right????)  Everywhere you look has bottoms from Disney, Old 90’s tv shoes. Where you can find them you might ask, well a few places are the ever so popular Shop Jeen, Unif, Wastlanad , Hot Topic,  just to name a few. The rise of the legging, is here to stay, so you know deep inside you have those leggings hiding, just like i do (i even have  TRIPP NYC leopard leggings) hiding in my closet. It’s always fun to bring out that ridiculous legging now in then even just for the hell of it.

-Hope you have a fabulous weekend,



The Ugly Sweater Party


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As you can see from the photos, this must be the post you were waiting on right? Today on Styled in the Heartland I am starting a series of #TRENDS that died but are cool now. First, we will start with the ugly sweater. We all know deep in your closet you have that giant bunny sweater your grandma probably knitted you, or in my case bought cheap at K-mart – thanks grandma. You’re possibly thinking what the hell is wrong with you? You’re actually wearing that god awful sweater?

Why yes, the ugly sweater has come up, not only because Bill Cosby made it cool in the 80s, but because in more recent years the art of the ugly sweater has come back in style.  You can find them in places like Urban outfitters, high-end retailers like Nasty Gal , Shop Jeen, and even Jeremy Scott. As we leave a time where the ugly sweater wasn’t cool, the rising “hipster” culture brought back the ridiculous sweater party. So you may find yourself asking, “Why would I wear that? I can’t make that happen.” My personal motto is “You can make tacky happen.” If I were you, and I’m not just suggesting this for your next ugly Christmas sweater party, I’d be looking at my nearest thrift store for gems, because when you find it, you’ll know it. Hence this one I’m wearing. Clearly there was a moral obligation for me to buy it,  am i right? Chances are, you are the only who owns it and it will get you a lot of looks (or for me it was like what the hell?).

For now, I don’t really see this trend dying out ever again because it’s been made cool by today’s generation of kids and adults.  This a definite trend you will see me rocking this winter, so do us a favor and get yourself an awesome UGLY “trendy” sweater.

{Credits : Sweater: Vintage {But im sure you can find one at your nearest salvation army}, Skirt: Target (But thrifted), Leggings: Thrifted: Shoes : Charlotte Russe (old but similar styles here) bag: Vintage Lord & Taylor}