Go Blog Social Recap

“I’m trying to find a way”


In the past weekend –I traveled to Chicago. I needed a small place and space to clear my head for my sanity. I’ve been dealing a lot on my plate from school to work. It was nice to have a city vacation no for a little while.

This morning I was having a conversation with a friend who lives in Chicago. We were discussing all things that I have learned this past weekend. We were discussing Chicago as a place of making dreams happen. I talked how on Chicago had been a truly amazing time and growing experience when I lived there. That whenever I return back home I’m always filled with the “whys”.

This last weekend I attended another installment of Go Blog Social I always feel silly sometimes going to these things. I’m like the William Hung of blogging. Ever since GOMI I have felt like the outcast from blogging. This particular Go Blog Social featured a lot of speakers I’m truly inspired by. I mean that more than you may know.

The first speaker was Janet Mandell. Janet not only probably owns every Chanel bag I’d die to own. Janet is a business owner and has a fantastic blog that is highly successful. I was rather impressed when she talked about working with a brand. Working with a brand is a tough business. It requires a lot of skills to basically back it up. One thing I really thought that spoke to me was “Take No for answer”. Sometimes I feel that this is a hard pill to swallow. There are a lot of times you have to prove why you’re the best and that can’t always be easy. Janet is an amazing person and gave me some great advice after Go Blog Social.  She said “You can do this, be you and the rest will follow.”

One of the two keynote speakers I have always admired and followed. The first one we got to meet was Hallie Wilson (if you don’t know her you know her @ Corals + Cognacs). The one thing I totally vibe with Hallie is passion. When you find your passion you instantly know that’s it! Hallie’s story is not your “typical” blogger story. She dumped Chicago moved to NYC. While Hallie was in NYC she started attending Soul Cycle. After a few months at Soul Cycle she had this “AHA” moment! This is when she found out what her passion was. Hallie’s blog and focus shifted towards lifestyle + fashion. Hallie began to talk to us about how she auditioned for a Soul Cycle instructor, but yet didn’t make the cut. The second time around when she nailed it. Long story made pretty short is that Hallie ended up moving back to Chicago. She began working at Soul Cycle in Chicago.

I on a personal level got to talk with Hallie. I think out of all the people at Go Blog Social Hallie I think really understands me as a writer and blogger. I write this honestly with tears streaming down my face. In a world of blogging + the internet it’s really hard to find genuine people. People that really believe in you or people look at you as some dumb ass blogger. We talked after Go Blog Social was over the one thing I personally I told her was that everyone at sometimes finds themselves at a different time. In my case it was much later in life. Seemingly for Hallie it was too. I openly and honestly told her I was very grateful to meet someone that really truly understands that you have to push past all that negative mental shit.

The Third Keynote who was I was so happy to meet was Corri Mcfadden. As you may know Corri from E-drop Off, WICU + Me, and Glitter and Bubbles. Corri not only is one bad-ass boss but one of my mentors. One thing I’ve always admired about Corri is her work ethic. Corri was able to talk to us about her humble beginnings of E-drop Off, to “House of Consignment to her daughter Zelda. She talked to us a lot about what it means to be an “entrepreneur”. Corri spoke to my inner somewhat Beyoncé, (insert “the obvious two lines “Diva is a female version of a Hustler and Who Run the world: Girls ). She talked about GIRL POWER as women we empower each other. If you know Corri and have listened to herShe did it Her Way” podcast (which made me cry) is that one thing she always says “Failure isn’t an option”. The funny thing is that I realized that after GOMI and everything else that failed for me. I must make my career work for me. This is my blog, my style and my life. Corri is not only a wealth of knowledge. I was lucky to steal five moments with her afterword. We have been acquaintances for a while. I started to cry in front of her, which I felt really guilty and like a total spaz. Believe it or not this whole last year trying to figure what I need to do with this blog was incredibly confusing. Corri of course offered me the advice is that I should DO this. I can’t stop writing or believing that this is my moment and my blog. Who the fuck cares about what stupid ass internet people think? They don’t know me or who I am. Corri is one heck of lady! She has taught me so much even at Go Blog Social.


We also got to listen to Solopreneur Amanda Boelyn. That women is a dynamite wealth of knowledge. Amanda hosts the ultra-popular “She did it Her Way”. Amanda really talked to us about the podcast. The podcast has been ultra-popular since Serial. I haven’t told anyone yet but I have a new project coming with a podcast! Amanda has encouraged me to peruse it. So be on the lookout.


Go Blog Social to me has always been about meeting others + connecting. It’s not just a “blogger conference.” It’s one of those places where you make the lifelong friends. I have made some wonderful friends from Go Blog Social. People that have truly believed in me. Thank you to the creators Kat, Sara, Katelyn, and Samantha. Without you four I wouldn’t be here writing this. It was your humble words, thoughts and actions that have led to the most empowering Go Blog Social I have ever had (or at least the one where I had to hold back tears). I encourage you to check out this conference for 2016. You will meet the most empowering and faithful friends ever.


With that being said, I wish you all a great week! Thank you,


Go Blog Social X Chicago


I am so excited for this weekend! I am attending Go Blog Social X Chicago Pop Up! A day conference geared toward bloggers from the Midwest, a way to connect offline.  I have been traveling all day, and tonight i get on a bus at 12:40 am and travel over night to Chicago. I have a jammed pack weekend in Chicago this weekend. I cant believe how full my schedule is while i am there! I am so excited. I have thought of a lot of questions i want to ask for myself after this conference is over. I hope you all have a great weekend! If you are at GBS stop and say hi!



Hey, it’s almost 2014- and Ive got a request for 2014




Hey Guys, I am sorry i have taken so long to be away from my blog, there were a lot of contributing factors to that. A Lot of it was working full time takes a lot of out of me and leaves me very little time to work on my blog. Well as you know 2014, is ghastly approaching us, 2013 has been a whirlwind of things happening. I not only moved across the state of Iowa, to look for work and try to get back into school, i got a new job working part time at a local consignment store which i really enjoy a lot. I started focusing more on my blog to stay focused and write what i love to do, which is DIY, and thrift shop.  Styled in the heartland became a creative focus for me to really use my skills to keep my head somewhere else.

I am going to share and get really personal here, i hope that’s ok with you. From 2007-2013. I had suffered secret addiction to online- internet gaming. I was addicted to a game called second life, which is all in all like the Sims, i wasted 100’s of dollars, there made a lot of poor choices in my life, was so enthralled i cut pretty much a lot of people off from really knowing the whole story. I was suffering through depression, anxiety and more importantly thoughts of suicide during that time. I wrote about a prior experience with it and how just my life had been here and here. I was never really proud of what had gone on , considering i was playing a game “trying to find a creative outlet” for my art degree- which i never used, i struggled all that time till 2013 i finally put an end it to it, after i had saw a definite exit out sign. When i saw people from the game make a very public “plurk” (social media network) that said a lot of really horrible things everything from “Pushy to , bat shit crazy , to clingy”. There was a mention of stalking people in that plurk and i knew i had to get out, i knew it was the end for me. I told myself you dont need that give yourself a year to be away and see how you feel. It’s been 5 months since, the whole indecent, and truthfully ive had want to go back but yet i want to stay far away from it. I was depressed severely, and i didnt know how to go on, and make things ok. Now that i am out of it, i focused my efforts towards this blog, which allows me to use my creative aspects, in all kinds of ways, and ive been blessed to find a few people who really believed in me my project here, its not to where i want to be but i know that it will be someday.

I still struggle though, i still struggle with money, finances, work, finding the money and time to keep this going, but i press on but this is why i have one simple request for 2014. In april of 2014 is a really important blogger confrence called “Go Blog Social.

What is go blog social? “Go Blog Social is a social media conference taking place in Kansas City April 4 – April 5, 2013.  Designed to inform, educate and inspire, Blog Social brings bloggers, social media experts and businesses together for a two-day event to connect-the-dots. Go Blog Social Conference is a destination to meet in-person, connect with businesses, learn about the social industry and gain the tools to grow. Whether just starting out or a blog veteran, interested in bustling your brand or a business, Blog Social offers the information, advice and expertise to help you do just that.” Heres how you can help, and the break down of what i will need in terms of funding for this opportunity,



  • -106.49 Go Blog Social Tickets

  • 200.00 Room & Board  (cheap hotel i can find)
  • 200.00 for gas & other expenses (food and everything else i might need)

You’re wondering why you should help? Help me stay focused and focused on a creative career that allows me to use my skills, and what i know, while i work through the toughest economy ever. How can you help donate to me? You can go here: http://www.gofundme.com/Help-me-get-to-GBS14 it’s a direct link to help me fund the money to go, i hope you will find it your heart to help me out, and make this dream come true. i thank you so much for listening, and reading my story. I feel as the need to also say, that you are not only helping me but also really helping me to stay focused and out of addiction-


love always