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Well as you guessed it, you know what this post is about, its just about for the love of jewelry. I have been collecting jewelry for as long as i can remember. I love vintage brooches, pins and a lot of other items i usually find interesting. I like knowing that this jewelry was someone else jewelry before hand.  My favorite Piece (although not pictured here but below is a picture of me wearing it) is my vintage peacock necklace i bought when i visited New York City (what a trip that was i wont ever forget crying in a Chanel store or singing the 5th avenue song by Fred Estaire on 5th Avenue)

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount i have, don’t get me wrong i love to wake up and Have my choices on what i can wear and my jewelery is NEVER boring (You can ask the Claire’s associates, I’m always in there picking up jewelry.)  I really wanted a better storage for my bulky jewelery most of my jewelry is Hung on bulletin boards i purchased from salvation army. Its somewhat difficult to keep up with that much stuff, (yes hi i need a hoarding show) so i finally bought one of those super expensive tall jewelry stands (thanks to a local consignment store called Stuff Etc i picked up one for 53.00) I got this awesome jewelry holder for all my precious jewels that i love so much. its got pull out drawers and locks so no one can touch my jewelry. Below i have listed some good options for you if you are/and or have Way to much jewelry. Like i said, my favorite things to do are look at estate sales, antique shops and goodwill , salvation army for vintage or used jewelery because i get all my best finds from those (aka look above and see the miss piggy and Donald duck pins i found)

Initial Letter “Necklace Hanger ”  -Clarie’s | Merlot Large Jewelry Armoire – Jcpenny- | Jewelry Distressed Oak – Walmart |   Jewelery Armoire – Amazon

(those are a few options for you for storage for your Jewelry.  If you get lucky search Craig’s List  too, i have seen a few on there as well.  Or if you are like me you can DIY your own earring boards (all you need is foam, and fabric and presto, a earring board)

i hope you all had a fun read on this,


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  1. I’ve been looking for one of those jewelry box stand things too, but also feel like, if I don’t see it, I won’t wear it. I have quite a bit (not nearly as much as you LOL) but seem to revert back to the same few tried-and-true pieces. Is that something you find yourself doing too, or do you always wear something different? I don’t think you re-wore any pieces at GBS… but I can’t remember LOL

    1. Well yes/ and no. I have a little box i keep my most special necklaces in i wear a lot of. But when i was putting this all into my new jewelry box i was Like HOLY shit i forgot i had this! Its fun to have all this stuff and even my broaches i was like when did i wear this?!

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