I’ve been far away. – Happy Holidays


Hi guys!, I am so sorry that i have been away for almost 2 weeks, a lot has been going on which has prevented me from blogging, plus with christmas coming up it has been really busy, Currently i am getting ready to go back to my hometown to visit my family for the holidays, and wont have access to my blog so i am leaving a few final things before i leave for the holidays, Happy Holidays to you all, thank you for always supporting me and being such awesome friends and people who read my blog hopefully in 2014 i will only get better and more on schedule with blogging!

Secondly i bet you are dying for those who wanted to know who won my giveaway contest, well here it is! CONGRATS TO @CharlotteG for participating!  696ba207f9471542c9fe4385818454e6

With that i leave you to the holidays, i wish you all the merriest Christmas and happiest holidays ever i hope you all have a good and safe Christmas and enjoy your holidays!


love always,


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