I Miss The Days of Being On Fire.

MotivationIt’s funny that the summer is almost over. I had been thinking about it being summer, and how this summer what have i accomplished? I can’t really say that i have a don a ton of things. I haven’t gone anywhere. I hardly yardsled or thrifed. I’ve been trying to save my money. I however have been recently struggling with my blog. I really am trying to keep going with it. I recently told a blogging friend that i cant find a community that styled in the heartland belongs into. I post my outfits, i do my thing. Mostly my outfits are thrown together in seconds because my mind thinks fast. I have had other friends tell me your blog is terrible You cant write properly. It has made me feel like this is such a discouragement to me.   I however, told myself this summer your gonna post everyday for 1 month. Monday – Friday. I started that back in july. What happen is that my blog became infested with malaware. It totally ruined my plans of posting every week. I became lazy and not focused.

Sometimes we all need motivation. Kinda like exercising? I think lately what has been driving me, it feels natural when i step in front of that camera. It has been long in my history of photographing myself. i feel at home. I really lately have enjoyed photographing myself. I have also been really influencing and watching documentaries on Bands like Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, and many other various people. I find myself just thinking about my blog, that i started this thing to be famous and popular> (i still can dream?). I fully realize that it wont be like that now. I just enjoy having my creative little space that i can do what i want.

When i work, i am a rather shy person. I want to take my photos and write the way i see things. I have made a promise to myself, to just keep going. Forget what you originally wanted. Don’t keep thinking this or this will happen. Just keep going. Build on what you like to do. I kinda of guess that’s kind of how i feel about life lately. Stop listening to everyone else. Just do who you are. Stop having these pre-concieved notions of being famous for a blog. I am thinking that despite trying to achieve success. I am just going to keep thrifting and being true to owning that. I struggle with no one reading this blog. I struggle with people being super critical of my writing. I struggle with everyone thinking this is a big joke.

I think for me,  the term “Blog Like A Motherfucker” is a relative term. It is more for me to stay motivated. It is just a thing, you know motivation. It’s to work hard. To just keep taking photos for me. I think maybe I’ll find a community or a place I’ll fit in with my blog. I just am making you a promise in this post, to just keep doing this. I promise trying not to be lazy even during school and keep going. #BLOGLIKEAMOTHERFUCKER.



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