Hey, it’s almost 2014- and Ive got a request for 2014




Hey Guys, I am sorry i have taken so long to be away from my blog, there were a lot of contributing factors to that. A Lot of it was working full time takes a lot of out of me and leaves me very little time to work on my blog. Well as you know 2014, is ghastly approaching us, 2013 has been a whirlwind of things happening. I not only moved across the state of Iowa, to look for work and try to get back into school, i got a new job working part time at a local consignment store which i really enjoy a lot. I started focusing more on my blog to stay focused and write what i love to do, which is DIY, and thrift shop.  Styled in the heartland became a creative focus for me to really use my skills to keep my head somewhere else.

I am going to share and get really personal here, i hope that’s ok with you. From 2007-2013. I had suffered secret addiction to online- internet gaming. I was addicted to a game called second life, which is all in all like the Sims, i wasted 100’s of dollars, there made a lot of poor choices in my life, was so enthralled i cut pretty much a lot of people off from really knowing the whole story. I was suffering through depression, anxiety and more importantly thoughts of suicide during that time. I wrote about a prior experience with it and how just my life had been here and here. I was never really proud of what had gone on , considering i was playing a game “trying to find a creative outlet” for my art degree- which i never used, i struggled all that time till 2013 i finally put an end it to it, after i had saw a definite exit out sign. When i saw people from the game make a very public “plurk” (social media network) that said a lot of really horrible things everything from “Pushy to , bat shit crazy , to clingy”. There was a mention of stalking people in that plurk and i knew i had to get out, i knew it was the end for me. I told myself you dont need that give yourself a year to be away and see how you feel. It’s been 5 months since, the whole indecent, and truthfully ive had want to go back but yet i want to stay far away from it. I was depressed severely, and i didnt know how to go on, and make things ok. Now that i am out of it, i focused my efforts towards this blog, which allows me to use my creative aspects, in all kinds of ways, and ive been blessed to find a few people who really believed in me my project here, its not to where i want to be but i know that it will be someday.

I still struggle though, i still struggle with money, finances, work, finding the money and time to keep this going, but i press on but this is why i have one simple request for 2014. In april of 2014 is a really important blogger confrence called “Go Blog Social.

What is go blog social? “Go Blog Social is a social media conference taking place in Kansas City April 4 – April 5, 2013.  Designed to inform, educate and inspire, Blog Social brings bloggers, social media experts and businesses together for a two-day event to connect-the-dots. Go Blog Social Conference is a destination to meet in-person, connect with businesses, learn about the social industry and gain the tools to grow. Whether just starting out or a blog veteran, interested in bustling your brand or a business, Blog Social offers the information, advice and expertise to help you do just that.” Heres how you can help, and the break down of what i will need in terms of funding for this opportunity,



  • -106.49 Go Blog Social Tickets

  • 200.00 Room & Board  (cheap hotel i can find)
  • 200.00 for gas & other expenses (food and everything else i might need)

You’re wondering why you should help? Help me stay focused and focused on a creative career that allows me to use my skills, and what i know, while i work through the toughest economy ever. How can you help donate to me? You can go here: http://www.gofundme.com/Help-me-get-to-GBS14 it’s a direct link to help me fund the money to go, i hope you will find it your heart to help me out, and make this dream come true. i thank you so much for listening, and reading my story. I feel as the need to also say, that you are not only helping me but also really helping me to stay focused and out of addiction-


love always


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