First Day Of School


Holy Chic Shirt

Skinny Cords

Sliding Crescent Necklace

Denim Dome Backpack

Eat Cake Laptop Sleeve

Zip Up Booties

Holy BAGEEZ! Summer is over! Its officially over. Today is my first day of school. I am like sort of ready? I mean i have everything. I picked out in my mind what i would wear to my first day of school. I am living in the Old Navy Rock stars. They are so comfy they even come in cords. I picked out a few cute accessories too that you will love. Tell me whats your favorite thing about going back to school? Is it the learning, or just the fact that fall is officially here (HELLO PUMPKIN!!!)

Have a great Thursday (wish me luck!)

xx alex

40 comments on “First Day Of School

  1. Hope your first day went well. Your outfit looks really nice, and usually for the first day of school I am thinking how much closer I am to completing my degree!!

  2. I love the shoes. The style of these clothes is so cute and great for back to school. I cant believe its that time of year again.

  3. Very stylish outfit. I love the pants and t-shirt and could see my kids rocking out those outfits… Back to school already!?

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