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Hacked By R4PTOR & Sipahiler

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I wanted to apologize. Apologize that, as a supporter of all that you do, that I did not make that support known. What you do as an artist, as a woman, is inspirational. You’ve reminded me of myself, of what I value, of what brings me joy.

    Whatever you decide to do, going forward, you have so much support. And, as an arts graduate who’s struggled to find financial stability myself, you can do it! I’ve just now gotten my first stable job with nice folks that pays a fair, living wage. Which means I have the rest of my time to myself, to create. However you go about it, whatever you decide, you’ll get there.

    Thank you for sharing yourself, your killer style and kindness. You’ve made me a better, happier person.

    Much love,
    Jen Spillane

  2. I apologize – I meant to send a private message (due to personal reasons, I don’t include my full name online with my profile). While I do absolutely want to send that message to you, I did not mean to post it publicly (I tried sending an email to the gmail account but it was returned) – would it be possible to delete my last name from the above comment?

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