A Letter To My Readers

February 16, 2014

Dear Styled in The Heartland Readers,

Hi there, I am sorry that it has taken me sometime to get back to writing this blog. This year has started out really rough for me but also well. The good first, I started attending Community College the beginning of January. I am so far enjoying but very busy keeping up a schedule, with work and school and staying on top of things. I’m studying marketing and web design as well as mass communications. Life has been busy. Now the bad part of this entire story, the last week in January I was driving somewhere with my boyfriend, and we were rammed in the side of my car by an on-coming vehicle.  Thank God I was not hurt, we did end up going the emergency room while my boyfriend went to be checked out. I was very hysterical through all this, because that car I depended on to get me to work and school, and it had become very difficult, as I have no financial means to acquire another car.  Luckily not one of us was really hurt in this ordeal.  I was left to seek out transportation in Iowa where I live there isn’t a big fancy bus or transportation system like NYC or Chicago, I knew things could be a lot worse believe me when I say this, I knew it. I was at the point of giving up, with everything my blog, school to focus on work to try to make money to basically have a car again, I fell back in my old habits again I logged on to Second Life, which if time permits I still somewhat play, occasionally, but I am far to busy now due to school and work but still fighting to let it not affect my soul or what people in that world say. I am still working on a lot of stuff, especially me, how much do I really love myself? How do others see me, how can I really be a blogger or approach things in another way.  Its like Ellen Page, said in we fall into “I represent an industry that crushes standards on us, not just young people but older, standards of beauty, of success standards that I hate to admit that affected me. Ideas planted in your head, ideas of how you have to act, how you have to dress and who you have to be. I’ve been trying to push back and trying to follow my heart but it can be hard.”  With that being said, its just been hard, to identify myself as a “blogger, or a plus sized blogger.” I don’t know even sometimes I cant write about style and such my dear friend Kelly said it aint no Hurry, but I still believe it will take hard work I want to do this although it has been a struggle. I recently have been searching ideas out on how I want to purse this, blog and first of all, I am going to think about that I want to make this more of images because I am a visual writer rather than a writer. I want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, readers or people that have wanted to work with me, I am still here I am still believing in this blog. With my accident and life happening I had to stop for a while. I am here to write back saying I am here writing to you, writing to you reading. I want to also take a moment, that I am still planning on going to Go Blog Social . With my accident, it sucked all my saved money for it but I still have my “go fund me” page, which you can donate to help with expenses for me to go, please don’t feel inclined to but this is a place for me, to learn to grow with this blog, and it’s important and such. I want to know I thank you for all the help, the sweet messages through this trying time, I hope #2014 gets a lot better from here on out,

With much love,

Alexandria Stratton

Styled in the heartland writer.

That Ugly, Ridiculous Legging, You Know You Own.


IMG_0942 copy

IMG_0936 copy

IMG_0948 copy

IMG_0949 copy

IMG_0946 copy
Credits: Blazer – Vintage – Shirt : Sworn In T-shirt (available here) Leggings: Tripp NYC (from Trash & Vaudeville) Shoes: N by Nicole Miller (Similar Here) Necklace: Vintage Rope Link Earrings: Vintage : Ring : Owl Ring By Zombina Boutique   Sunglasses : Vintage Liz Claybourne Beanie: Vintage Beanie -Thrifted Bag : Vintage Coach (Similar Here)

Hey guys, so did your survive black Friday? Or Just like me and go to one store (to buy this : Record Player). I luckily made it out in 30 minutes of time. I am very excited to bring you one of the last installations before i start talking all holiday of “Ugly Trends that are cool again” I will have two more installations, before i end this series. I have some exciting things coming up for the blog so be sure to stay tuned.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the ridiculous legging you know you probably own. I am a huge fan of leggings (and so is every girl in Iowa who wears Jackets and boots). I am more on the crazy leggings side of this, you see that leggings have become more and more popular in the rise of the Middle of the 21’st century. Everywhere you can imagine now sells them, I of course bought these stripped leggings at one of my favorite stores in NYC –Trash & Vaudeville (that have dressed the likes of Ramones and Debbie Harry to name a few) we all know the ridiculous Space and cat leggings everyone carries (i mean serious you’d want to buy those cat leggings right????)  Everywhere you look has bottoms from Disney, Old 90’s tv shoes. Where you can find them you might ask, well a few places are the ever so popular Shop Jeen, Unif, Wastlanad , Hot Topic,  just to name a few. The rise of the legging, is here to stay, so you know deep inside you have those leggings hiding, just like i do (i even have  TRIPP NYC leopard leggings) hiding in my closet. It’s always fun to bring out that ridiculous legging now in then even just for the hell of it.

-Hope you have a fabulous weekend,



Learning To Work With What You Have: {Love who you are}








{Notice this post will get a 100% Raw}.

Hey guys, I am back with another edition of styled in the heartland. I wanted to take a a post to talk about, well the reason i started blogging. For so long as far as i can remember i’ve always really hated my body i never liked who i was. I was so jealous of people who are naturally skinny and who dont really have to work to have a healthy body. I had to work over 9 months to loose 60lbs and it was so hard, and now i have to continue to even work harder to lose more weight (as i really am aiming that goal but it has been super difficult.) With my body however i am like the in Between i can were a plus size but in shirts I can wear normal sizes. I recently emailed another blogger, telling them within the world of blogging i hated subjecting myself calling me “A plus sized blogger” because i really hate that term, its just a label America slapped upon me. However i like to think of myself as more of a fun sized blogger, with a lot of weird style. I keep fighting myself everyday to get up to eat right to work out because being skinny is/or was my obsession and losing the weight became the best thing in my life that has happened to me but in September and even the beginning of October I’ve really Slipped up because its just been increasingly heard to keep up. I dedicated myself to being the best i can be and that’s when im eating healthy, getting a lot of sleep, and working my body for good.

The More I blog the more i am beginning to understand i have to work with the body i have, and that i have to keep my goals in my mind, the more i am learning about my blog the more i learn about myself. It has been such a great building progress so far. I want to say thank you for those who have been reading so far and really believing in me, because I know that i have to believe in myself, and believe that this blog has kept me in a lot of growth, not only to love me for who i am, and keep focusing on being the best stylist i can be with my own vision and style.

{credits: Dress : Vintage  (yard sale) Shirt: Vintage (yard sale) Shoes Prabal Gurung for target (past season) Neckalca “D” Vinatge Earring: C/O drapes by ashely scott  bag: vintage} Lipstick “Grace” – C/O of Jouer Cosmetics

love always


October Obsessions, What to love about October


Can you feel it already? It’s that time of year, it’s finally fall! Fall is not only the greatest time in the year, but the most changing time in my life as well. In this post, im going to dive into a few things im obsessing about for the month of October. I will breaking it down in little subsections to give you some fun insight to whats on my mind these days, as we head into October a time of pumpkins, fall, and sweaters.

First things first, after my Chicago trip i started making a list of all the things i want to do this fall, so i found this cute bucket list on Pintrest (by the way you should totally follow me I’ve even made it easy and made you guys a fall obsession board) The few things from this bucket list, i really want to do is Visit a pumpkin patch, pick apples, and of course drink apple cider. What kinda fall would it be without anyone of those things listed on that little bucket list! (Ps, if you are in Iowa and know of a pumpkin patch please let me know! I’m looking for one!)

Secondly, ill dive into fall fashion, as you know this is the time to bring out those great sweaters. My favorite items included in fall fashion are there are so many sweaters to dive into, but since i live in area not accessible to a lot of fashion (such as big houses like H&M, Zarra, Topshop etc) i did however find this amazing poncho from Gap (which you can see here) . I am a huge fan of the faux leather leggings, you can totally find them at target. I mean for a deal for faux leather target is your place!. See a trend here? Over size sweaters, and leggings (plus cute hats and apple cider!) Forever ago, i began searching for the perfect boot, i hate not seeing a lot of choices for a tall leather boot, but how ever i have been surfing Steve madden and found the ones ive been wanting and under $200.00 (which isn’t bad for fall boots because they can get super pricey). As again, ill state Huge Sweater, Leggings + tall boot = Fall love and my super obsession.

Thirdly + Fourthly (are combined): I’m going to dive into to Halloween, now we ALL love Halloween! I’m mean for real who does not love Candy, costumes and the ever tacky Halloween sweater (oh yeas im all about the tacky here) in my pintrest fall obsession board ive listed all kinds of fun Halloween ideas, decor and more pumpkin carving ideas. I am planning a Halloween scare off! I like home-maid Halloween items and themed jewelry (which most of it came from Super Sales, Yard Sales, and Claire’s after Halloween specials) You can check out I’m Your Present on Etsy she not only is the coolest but has the best choice in dresses and accessories for Halloween (like ps isn’t that pumpkin dress the BEST!?).

Lastly i am going to dive into how to stay connected with all of these Obsessions and trends. Have you heard of the Purely Fashion App? If you are like me, and crave style tips at your fingertips well now there is away! You can check out the Purley fashion app on your smart phone. (Or if you have the Iphone you can find it on the iTunes market free). You can follow your favorite designers (like who DOESN’T love being in-tune with the likes of Dior, Siriano, McQueen, Wang just to name a few). The App is so nicely designed and keeps you informed on trends, and whats going on in the current Season. I just love Purely not only it keeps me informed but it keeps me finding designers who i didnt know about that i fall in love with. So check out Purely Fashion App Today!

(*i have not been compensated to speak for purley fashion just love the app)

Hope you enjoyed hearing my trends & Obsessions for fall!




The Art Of Getting Lucky When Your’e Thrifting




Today … on Styled in the heartland,  I will be giving some general tips when getting lucky in a thrift store. As you can see here, i am so excited its fall and that means fall fashion is around the corner (or literally here in some cases).  This past weekend has been really busy for me as im preparing for a mini weekend vacation as well as a lot of projects going on and very busy week. Recently since i moved ( i had to give a lot of my clothes away), but i have shopped at the salvation army a lot here, in the town i moved to. I approached it as  it’s just a salvation army just like all the rest of them, but seemingly this seems to be the cheapest on in or surrounding the Des Moines area. Central Iowa has a lot of advantage over other parts of the state everything is right here, at your finger tips. What’s really great about it, is that on this saturday i happen to be in the salvation army shopping before my trip (as you know i used to live in Chicago, so i am departing to do some errands including a visit to my network Chicago Bloggers Network ) so i am taking up some other things while visiting and a few suggestions of stores from my favorite bloggers). As i was saying but this last Saturday i happen to walk down the blazer isle, and i happen to see this beautiful blazer (currently wearing) and i looked at the label of the blazer and its ESCADA, now if any of you know Escada is a high Luxurious Label. I was so overjoyed to not only find 1 blazer but 4! They retail for over $599-799.00 New (according to Neiman Marcus/Saks Fifth Avenue) . Lets just say when you have it you buy it, don’t let those things go!

Mini Tips

  • Vintage Designer – BUY IT
  • Don’t know the Label Google it on your smart phone- to see price range

On more important news, as you know this Monday launched the official Phillip Lim For Target collection. Is overly static (if you have seen my Twitter i talked about not being able to find it). I luckily had them hold the last satchel bag. The women’s collection is fantastic, full of fun prints, and a lot of very neutral colors, Perfect for that fall wardrobe, there are a lot of tans,  yellow, black, and gray , and burgundy and a few prints , but very tailored for that specific look that you’re looking for to ease into that “fall Wardrobe”.  The collection in itself does work for a range of body types, I am partial to this sweatshirt, but i found a post that explains what works best for Plus Size Types.  I would suggest you take a look and nab it up while you can, because it will be gone before you know it.

{Credit    Blazer : Vintage Escada (Similar Here) Sweatshirt: Boom – Phillip Lim For Target Pants: Rockstar Skinnies -Old Navy (Similar Here ON SALE!) Bag: Mini Satchel – Gussot Yellow- Phillip Lim For Target  (scarf tied to bag vintage)  Shoes: BCBG Generation Flats – Old (Similar Here) Necklace: “A” necklace – Thrited – Rings & Earrings- Thrifted

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Have a fun week!

xo Alexandria