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Sweater: Vintage (similar) / Skirt: DIY felt Midi Skirt / Broach: Vintage (similar) / Shoes : Old / Bag: Zara (similar)

Happy Tuesday! This week is a busy one for me!  I am off this weekend to Kansas city and Chicago. This last weekend i really cleaned out my closet. I got rid of 14 bags of clothing. I have been really under going a change in my style. I only actually kept a few things that i felt really like me. I kept this cute little sweater and skirt. I thought i would post them because i am celebrating over 100 consecutive posts today! To think this last year, i was merely a baby blog. I have grown so much since this last year. I want to thank everyone and (even the my fans on GOMI) for driving me to do better !


That’s the Ugliest Monogram, shirt ever.


IMG_3608  IMG_3610



Shirt: Thrifted (similar here)  Skirt: Thrifted : Leggings: Thrifted Shoes: thrifted : Bag : vintage holiday travel bag Jewelry: Vintage : Sunglasses: Liz Clayborne Vintage (Similar Here) Lipstick: Wet & Wild in Red Velvet (here)

Photography by Katelyn

Hi there sorry that its been forever since i have written, I am really going to start working on the blog more, i know i say that every time but this time i really mean it. Today in my series of The trends that died out, that are cool again, we have the Ugly Monogram that you wouldn’t ever want to wear. Everyone Likes something customized i mean (HELLO? only reason to own a custom Louis Vuitton) Yesterday i went thrifting, i have been on a recent kick to get rid of things i dont use, and Ive been pretty  on it, and i found this sweet “Mike- Chucks Harley Davidson shirt). More in the last year I have been so recently obsessed with peoples monograms that aren’t mine. Something about the monogram, with someone else initials makes me think of who did it belong to? Who owned it before me? I still fell in love with this Harley shirt i kinda of associate it with that last post i made (wearing men’s clothes is cool again). Again i find myself caught up in this trend, that it is cool to wear the monogram of someone else, i mean my new name is mike anyways! –



Happy Holidays XX (sorry this is so short)





Hey everyone, i just wanted to write a quick posting (and a bad Christmas photoshoped card)  to write you to tell you happy holidays, thank you for so much for your support of styled in the heartland just the one follower on twitter or like on facebook or subscriber to this blog has meant so much to me, this blog is my one place where i come to be me, and i hope that you keep watching and keep reading THANK YOU.  I hope you and your family have the merriest and happy safe holiday.


Hey Ladies, Lets Disco

Hey There Guys, welcome back to the weekend Disco, i have been so busy this weekend, with reading, movies and general relaxation. I’ve been dying to wear these  hot pink bell bottoms, and this entire set i picked up awhile ago, i fell in love with the super wide flair pants (which you find a similar pair from Alice & Olivia) I had fun shooting these photos with a friend, now that fashion week is over (or still going on in my head) i will be putting some fun post to come! xx


Jacket, Pants, Crop Top ( Entire Set) -$.90 -D.A.V  Headscarf- Yard Sale, Shoes: Target Jewelry Watch: Juicy Couture, Necklace: YardSale, Ring: C/0 RETRO ROCKET, Earrings: 2.00-Neat things Pin- 65 cents (DAV) Happy Birthday Ann Bracelet, – (1.00 DAV)  Bag: Old vintage floral bag (i think yard sale)