Spring Break : StayCation Vs Vacation




It’s Spring Break! (Get on your swimsuit and dance no wait I was totally kidding). If you’re like any other college student you’re probably going on a vacation. College age kids end up going to Florida or some other destination. As for me am looking forward to my staycation (Literally I’m not going anywhere). I plan on reading, organizing, and spring-cleaning. (Lets not even go there). I plan on shooting some more images with my new lens for my camera. I can’t wait, for a break. I have been studying, working, blogging, studying did I mention studying. The first time I was in college I spent a week doing service projects for an organization in Mississippi called Voice Of Calvary. The ministry helps build communities and relationships. The trip was the best spring break literally I have had.  This spring break I just plan to just relax. I can’t wait for Spring Break to start!



Vacation:  Free Spirit Maxi Dress | Sao Paulo Bikini | Silver Lake Clear Beach Tote | Marcie Over Sized Sunglasses   Stay Cation : Blogger PJ Set | The Witness Who Wore Red | Classic Bunny Slippers

The Fruits Have It!


For the Most part, lately I’ve been feeling spring, thinking about summer, and spring all of the same time. Half of the year, i live in a sub zero temp (called Iowa). I am so tired of this whole winter (i mean seriously how many times have you heard that on Facebook?) I’ve been thinking a lot about the freshness of spring, and what can be more fun than fruit, (personally I’m obsessed with fruit bags) I’ve complied a bunch of fun fruit bags and a few clothing items, for you to to dive into, to get ready for your spring + summer wardrobes (long live spring with its freshness) and (summer with its endless Yard Sales + Estate Sales….). Remember, if your out and about to don’t hesitate to put that fun print or bag in your step.


Tie-Dye Berry Split Shirt | Beach London For ASOS Thomas Slater |  Lazy OAF Organic Fruit Cocktail Vest Dress| Pear Fruit Necklace| Watermelon Necklace | Apple Evening Bag | Falabella Fruit Print Small Tote | Via Limoni Lina | Vita Riva Wicker Lemon | Forever Fruitful Bag

Im feeling Oscarish.






Today i was feeling the Oscars, Now if you have been watching my twitter feed you know i took part in the #CBNOSCAR chat, i was watching very closely, but i picked my top 3 favorite looks from the Oscars, but who am i kidding *(my favorite was Lupita in Prada, i just got a new lenses on my camera so i thought id try out some photography. I thought I’d try some a fun Oscars look, i have used a spectacular dress i thrift ed, and a pretty little fur jacket, with a vintage velveteen clutch. I hope you enjoy my Oscars look.

Dress By Alfani|Jacket: Fur Cape by Vera Wang |  Shoes: Parabal Gurung for Target | Clutch Vintage (Similar Here) | Necklace by Icing | Earrings: Vintage

The Crazy Cat Lady

crazycatladyIve been so busy this week, stressed out studying in school, so lets move on to something that makes my mind happy and fun….. Lets talk about Cats! (and no I’m not talking about Andrew Loyd Weber’s Cats)  We all know we love the cute little furry fuzzy creatures, well so does America! My boyfriend calls me i was recently talking with a friend how much cats making everything better, and if you follow me on instagram you know (Ella right? my fuzzy child) .Everyone has gotten on the cat train, from Charolette Olympia to many fun shirts are featuring cats,  i mean we all have a little crazy cat lady in our lives? I’ve complied a few cat inspired things that i love for you to check out, i hope you enjoy reading xx

Cat’s What I Like about You Sweater | Mr. Gugu Crazy Cat Shirt | Space Cat Leggings | Purple Crazy Kitty Sweater By Pretty Snake | Charlotte Olympia Cat Flats  similar (here) and (here) | Cat Face Iphone Case | Cat Ears Watch | Cat Bag | Prada Timeless Phantos



Comparing “american icons to alex icons”



This weekend has been real, busy for me as i am finishing up school for a bit (before spring break you know that time where people go to Florida, and get crazy on MTV) I cant help my mind goes back to #MFW for those of you who don’t know Jeremy Scott, he was just named the creative director of Moschino . Jeremy is rather known for his larger than life prints, fun type of items, and really “over the top” way of going about things. I’ve heard quite a few people discussing this collection “as tacky, a down grade to Moschino (which has been around since 1983). Few others have classified it as fun, a bit of a fun side with Moschino, thats what Jeremy Scott exudes. This F/W 14 is all about Iconic, icons that we all know and associate with. Especially in my marketing class we talk about Positioning a lot (which watch me make my teacher proud and talk about it, “positioning is creating a image of your product in a consumers mind, different from your competition”). As Americans we generally think of when we think of food, McDonalds, (one of the largest burger fast food joints in america , can we please talk about how much i love their ice cream) and thats what Jeremy Scott did, he took something everyone recognized as that- and ran with it, to make Moschino a brand everyone associates with. He “positioned” iconic labels already into an iconic label. In this last Sunday it was my first Sunday as an what i call an “official midwest blogger” which i felt hey, this is a real thing what, i met with several girls and i felt a bit out of place because my style isn’t like all the others but hey i thought with Jeremy Scott in mind and his recent show id chanel some of my own icons (like perhaps the California raisins or donald duck ring a bell?) …lets have a look shall we.








Sweater: Thrifted (similar Here) |Shirt Vintage 1988 Mycological Shirt (similar here) |High Waited Polka Dot Leggings thrifted (I Sewed these but you can find them Here) |Vintage Fur Cape (Similar Here) | Shoes: Zalos| Donald Duck Pin Vintage (Here)| California Raisins Suspenders (Similar Here) | Customized Gnome Necklace by JesiiiiDooney & Bourke See Through Bag | floral ring (handemade by me)



have a rad week friends!

What’s On My Mind- Current Favorites

whats on my mind

What’s been on my mind lately? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of reading, others blogs, to dive deep into my internal thoughts on fashion, on life, on myself. I’ve been kind of of compiling a list of what’s in going on in my head right now. I have been watching a lot of documentaries on fashion, on writers, to see what there inner psych is. Collecting quotes from others who inspire me, Ive been really inspired by a few people who I really like the freedom of the people who they are. I found this sweet shirt by Jeremy Scott, (from Marlena on self constructed freak) I’ve been feeling such less like an adult, lately it just sucks sometimes when you are an adult, because you suffer with bills, you suffer with high fees of everything. I know I am facing that, (why did I get those damn credit cards again). That kind of of really leads into my next point, on money, I look at others around me and think “it must be nice to have money to go to places and do things when I spend most of my money and resources just to survive”. – In all honesty, that’s not what it is, I keep thinking I go to school, I live in America, I live in a wealthy country, we are just being selfish now aren’t we?



            Secondly I have been thinking a lot about Thrifting, I had been watching a super wonderful documentary called advanced style which follows eccentric ladies from New York city, and there personal style, its crazy good what these ladies, have to discuss with you. It features popular people like Iris Apfel. It talks about basically you can have style at any age, and that you are an artist with style. “People are afraid, People just want to be like everyone else, and want to do what everything is doing”- Iris Apfel, my awesome friend Tziporah Salamon, told me recently (who she was featured in advanced style) “Iowa does have its charm scout out those places such as salvation army, goodwill’s and so forth that give you your charm its not just new york”.  Which has me really thinking about what I love about fashion, these ladies have been pushing me to think about blogging in some other way that’s it more about fashion, and more about labels , but it is your identity. Your style is your identity. “The Majority of Americans Don’t Dress” – Tziporah Salamon The whole idea of this, its more of something that has pushed me to think about what gives me my style charm? Clothes are my life (if you are following me on instagram you know that Im in love with vintage). That’s why Salvation Army has been such a charmer for me, That’s what makes me so successful, in my budget because you cant just go to Barneys NY and pick up Prada loafers, but I can go to salvation army and look at that paisley dress I am dying to wear.




Thirdly I had been thinking of new interesting things about winter, winter depresses me I suffer badly from seasonal depression, which a lot of Americans suffer from but I had seen these gloves in a recent refinery 29 article, these gloves stuck out for me but they are out of stock. But that would make a great DIY.- lets do it (soon I hope I need to scout out leather gloves).



Fourthly and lastly what am I watching recently? – You guessed it the virgin suicides (as for a recent love of finding this out via, Tavi aka Rookie Magazine Editor you know her right?) I had been re-watching this movie, I had read the book along time ago, and watching many more James woods movies (like and your name is Jonah) to think that we are only human, and that we all feel emotions that we are in fact, looking for much more of a interest than anything, and I feel a sense in The Virgin Suicides that these girls, were all looking for some sort of sense that they wanted something more meaningful in there lives, but restraints cut them off (such as there crazy parents) but as Tavi said, a quote from Rodger Ebert said about this film These parents look gruesome to us. All parents look gruesome to kids, and all of their attempts at discipline seem unreasonable. The teenage years of the Lisbon girls are no better or worse than most teenage years. This is not the story of daughters driven to their deaths.”  Although in my own opinion I feel a deep sense of that, you know that I do in a away feel like parental restraints play a huge ordeal in this film. Which goes back to my second thing on my mind, is diving into deeper fashion and what that truly means to me. .




            I hope you don’t all wonder where my content has gone and think what is she really saying? Its just for me ive been doing a lot of thinking and writing and personal story searching for content, and this is where I feel comfortable discussing what’s on my mind lately and what is in my heart.


 {Credits: Sweater By Jeremy Scott (but you make it from Self Constructed Freak), Advanced style, ASOS stunning gloves, Vintage Mini Sixties Dress Here and Here  (kinda like mine) Virgin Suicides Movie


With that,







A Letter To My Readers

February 16, 2014

Dear Styled in The Heartland Readers,

Hi there, I am sorry that it has taken me sometime to get back to writing this blog. This year has started out really rough for me but also well. The good first, I started attending Community College the beginning of January. I am so far enjoying but very busy keeping up a schedule, with work and school and staying on top of things. I’m studying marketing and web design as well as mass communications. Life has been busy. Now the bad part of this entire story, the last week in January I was driving somewhere with my boyfriend, and we were rammed in the side of my car by an on-coming vehicle.  Thank God I was not hurt, we did end up going the emergency room while my boyfriend went to be checked out. I was very hysterical through all this, because that car I depended on to get me to work and school, and it had become very difficult, as I have no financial means to acquire another car.  Luckily not one of us was really hurt in this ordeal.  I was left to seek out transportation in Iowa where I live there isn’t a big fancy bus or transportation system like NYC or Chicago, I knew things could be a lot worse believe me when I say this, I knew it. I was at the point of giving up, with everything my blog, school to focus on work to try to make money to basically have a car again, I fell back in my old habits again I logged on to Second Life, which if time permits I still somewhat play, occasionally, but I am far to busy now due to school and work but still fighting to let it not affect my soul or what people in that world say. I am still working on a lot of stuff, especially me, how much do I really love myself? How do others see me, how can I really be a blogger or approach things in another way.  Its like Ellen Page, said in we fall into “I represent an industry that crushes standards on us, not just young people but older, standards of beauty, of success standards that I hate to admit that affected me. Ideas planted in your head, ideas of how you have to act, how you have to dress and who you have to be. I’ve been trying to push back and trying to follow my heart but it can be hard.”  With that being said, its just been hard, to identify myself as a “blogger, or a plus sized blogger.” I don’t know even sometimes I cant write about style and such my dear friend Kelly said it aint no Hurry, but I still believe it will take hard work I want to do this although it has been a struggle. I recently have been searching ideas out on how I want to purse this, blog and first of all, I am going to think about that I want to make this more of images because I am a visual writer rather than a writer. I want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, readers or people that have wanted to work with me, I am still here I am still believing in this blog. With my accident and life happening I had to stop for a while. I am here to write back saying I am here writing to you, writing to you reading. I want to also take a moment, that I am still planning on going to Go Blog Social . With my accident, it sucked all my saved money for it but I still have my “go fund me” page, which you can donate to help with expenses for me to go, please don’t feel inclined to but this is a place for me, to learn to grow with this blog, and it’s important and such. I want to know I thank you for all the help, the sweet messages through this trying time, I hope #2014 gets a lot better from here on out,

With much love,

Alexandria Stratton

Styled in the heartland writer.

It’s 2014, new you, new me and new blog.


Just like everyone else 2014 brings new changes. It’s going to start right here with Styled in the heartland. i have far thought long about what do i want to write about? What is my demographic so i am slowly changing about how i blog, From now on every day i will be blogging. I have it all planned out and Mondays we are going to talk about something i have been learning a lot about more in the last 2 years. That’s Health + Wellness and why you should in 2014?

Yesterday i was having a conversation with my dear friend about why working out is so good for you? For me, i have long time suffered from depression and anxiety, and what did exercising do for me? Exercise changed my life literally, i loved listening to music and running or weight lifting . 2013 Was a very hard year for me from going to UN-employed to moving across state, to try to find work and get back into school. So as 2014 started, i told myself i was going to get back to working out, it really does wonders when you are feeling down. I cant tell you how many countless times that exercise took me from feeling sad to almost happy. So in 2014 i here by dedicated to exercising for my health and my well being. So here from now on Mondays will be Healthy Mondays on Styled in the heartland. Heres some of the visuals on working out! so lets get to it, get to that gym- and get those lu lu lemon pants on and go! You will feel worlds better ( as i just explained personally what working out did for me!)







Have an excellent monday, and remember lets go hard at the gym!













Hey, it’s almost 2014- and Ive got a request for 2014




Hey Guys, I am sorry i have taken so long to be away from my blog, there were a lot of contributing factors to that. A Lot of it was working full time takes a lot of out of me and leaves me very little time to work on my blog. Well as you know 2014, is ghastly approaching us, 2013 has been a whirlwind of things happening. I not only moved across the state of Iowa, to look for work and try to get back into school, i got a new job working part time at a local consignment store which i really enjoy a lot. I started focusing more on my blog to stay focused and write what i love to do, which is DIY, and thrift shop.  Styled in the heartland became a creative focus for me to really use my skills to keep my head somewhere else.

I am going to share and get really personal here, i hope that’s ok with you. From 2007-2013. I had suffered secret addiction to online- internet gaming. I was addicted to a game called second life, which is all in all like the Sims, i wasted 100’s of dollars, there made a lot of poor choices in my life, was so enthralled i cut pretty much a lot of people off from really knowing the whole story. I was suffering through depression, anxiety and more importantly thoughts of suicide during that time. I wrote about a prior experience with it and how just my life had been here and here. I was never really proud of what had gone on , considering i was playing a game “trying to find a creative outlet” for my art degree- which i never used, i struggled all that time till 2013 i finally put an end it to it, after i had saw a definite exit out sign. When i saw people from the game make a very public “plurk” (social media network) that said a lot of really horrible things everything from “Pushy to , bat shit crazy , to clingy”. There was a mention of stalking people in that plurk and i knew i had to get out, i knew it was the end for me. I told myself you dont need that give yourself a year to be away and see how you feel. It’s been 5 months since, the whole indecent, and truthfully ive had want to go back but yet i want to stay far away from it. I was depressed severely, and i didnt know how to go on, and make things ok. Now that i am out of it, i focused my efforts towards this blog, which allows me to use my creative aspects, in all kinds of ways, and ive been blessed to find a few people who really believed in me my project here, its not to where i want to be but i know that it will be someday.

I still struggle though, i still struggle with money, finances, work, finding the money and time to keep this going, but i press on but this is why i have one simple request for 2014. In april of 2014 is a really important blogger confrence called “Go Blog Social.

What is go blog social? “Go Blog Social is a social media conference taking place in Kansas City April 4 – April 5, 2013.  Designed to inform, educate and inspire, Blog Social brings bloggers, social media experts and businesses together for a two-day event to connect-the-dots. Go Blog Social Conference is a destination to meet in-person, connect with businesses, learn about the social industry and gain the tools to grow. Whether just starting out or a blog veteran, interested in bustling your brand or a business, Blog Social offers the information, advice and expertise to help you do just that.” Heres how you can help, and the break down of what i will need in terms of funding for this opportunity,



  • -106.49 Go Blog Social Tickets

  • 200.00 Room & Board  (cheap hotel i can find)
  • 200.00 for gas & other expenses (food and everything else i might need)

You’re wondering why you should help? Help me stay focused and focused on a creative career that allows me to use my skills, and what i know, while i work through the toughest economy ever. How can you help donate to me? You can go here: http://www.gofundme.com/Help-me-get-to-GBS14 it’s a direct link to help me fund the money to go, i hope you will find it your heart to help me out, and make this dream come true. i thank you so much for listening, and reading my story. I feel as the need to also say, that you are not only helping me but also really helping me to stay focused and out of addiction-


love always


I’ve been far away. – Happy Holidays


Hi guys!, I am so sorry that i have been away for almost 2 weeks, a lot has been going on which has prevented me from blogging, plus with christmas coming up it has been really busy, Currently i am getting ready to go back to my hometown to visit my family for the holidays, and wont have access to my blog so i am leaving a few final things before i leave for the holidays, Happy Holidays to you all, thank you for always supporting me and being such awesome friends and people who read my blog hopefully in 2014 i will only get better and more on schedule with blogging!

Secondly i bet you are dying for those who wanted to know who won my giveaway contest, well here it is! CONGRATS TO @CharlotteG for participating!  696ba207f9471542c9fe4385818454e6

With that i leave you to the holidays, i wish you all the merriest Christmas and happiest holidays ever i hope you all have a good and safe Christmas and enjoy your holidays!


love always,