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You know all those hilarious T- shirts, that you see all over Pintrest & Tumblr. Well I’ve compiled by favorite ones here. More than recently i remember these T-shirts have become more popular this past year and in 2013. The rise of the funny cult shirts have become a sensation. I thought it might be fun to compile ones that are super funny.


Bitches Get Stuff Done | Go Fuck Your Seflie | Monday Is A Basic Bitch | No One Believes In Me | All I Care About Is Pizza And Like Two People| 97Cats | Plans with My Cat| Iowa Bitch| Npr Cool | Satan Made Me Do it | Thug Life | I watch netflix | Trillhouse | I have a date with netflix | To Be Or Not To Be | Home Isnt Where |

Snacking Obessions.

SnackObsessionsxSTYHLLately I’ve been on this kick, about snacking. Healthy Snacking, or Snacking in general, For along time ive kinda searched for snacks that are healthy and crunchy and fun.


First we have Snyders pretzels these are like the greatest little snack ever. my boyfriend turned me onto the pretzel. I wasn’t the hugest pretzel fan in the world. I thought they were so boring. I recently took a trip to target. I was recently looking in the snack isle and i came across Synders Pretzels. Snyders pretzel run about 3.00-4.00 a bag. They are very tasty. I was first turned onto the cheese type. I’m a huge fan of cheddar, but then recently i tried the ranch.. Hello taste buds. They are so tasty and good.. They kind of taste like a little pickle tasting at fist but the ranch is super good and Target has a deal right now (2 for 5.00 check local target stores for that deal).

Secondly we have the Harvest snaps. I tried this snack about a year ago, from a former co-worker. I really enjoyed the flavor. I have tried a lot of the flavors that they offer. I recently picked up the tomato basil. The Cesar flavor its my favorite! First in Iowa (Des Moines) they were hard to find. My local Hy-vee finally had them. I was so stoked, but a recent trip to target i picked up a bag. There’s not very many in a bag, but they are SO delicious. They don’t really taste like peas, but they are cesar flavored. They run about 3.00-4.00 a bag too. They are so worth it.

Thridly we have the Pop Chip, I willingly admitted have never tried the pop chips. I recently won a contest with Chicago Bloggers Network for a twitter party. I won a whole case of pop chips! There are so many flavors to love. The first flavor I fell in love with , was the sweet potato, who knew that one could love sweet potatoes so much in a chip? They also have many other great flavors. The barbeque is the best too. The chips have no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives, no fluorescent orange fingertips! They are healthy and flavorful and a better crunchy treat. Check out pop chips today!

Synders of Hanover | Harvest Snaps | Pop Chips

*all opinions are my own. i was not compensated for this post.

Jewelry Hoarding 101









Well as you guessed it, you know what this post is about, its just about for the love of jewelry. I have been collecting jewelry for as long as i can remember. I love vintage brooches, pins and a lot of other items i usually find interesting. I like knowing that this jewelry was someone else jewelry before hand.  My favorite Piece (although not pictured here but below is a picture of me wearing it) is my vintage peacock necklace i bought when i visited New York City (what a trip that was i wont ever forget crying in a Chanel store or singing the 5th avenue song by Fred Estaire on 5th Avenue)

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount i have, don’t get me wrong i love to wake up and Have my choices on what i can wear and my jewelery is NEVER boring (You can ask the Claire’s associates, I’m always in there picking up jewelry.)  I really wanted a better storage for my bulky jewelery most of my jewelry is Hung on bulletin boards i purchased from salvation army. Its somewhat difficult to keep up with that much stuff, (yes hi i need a hoarding show) so i finally bought one of those super expensive tall jewelry stands (thanks to a local consignment store called Stuff Etc i picked up one for 53.00) I got this awesome jewelry holder for all my precious jewels that i love so much. its got pull out drawers and locks so no one can touch my jewelry. Below i have listed some good options for you if you are/and or have Way to much jewelry. Like i said, my favorite things to do are look at estate sales, antique shops and goodwill , salvation army for vintage or used jewelery because i get all my best finds from those (aka look above and see the miss piggy and Donald duck pins i found)

Initial Letter “Necklace Hanger ”  -Clarie’s | Merlot Large Jewelry Armoire – Jcpenny- | Jewelry Distressed Oak – Walmart |   Jewelery Armoire – Amazon

(those are a few options for you for storage for your Jewelry.  If you get lucky search Craig’s List  too, i have seen a few on there as well.  Or if you are like me you can DIY your own earring boards (all you need is foam, and fabric and presto, a earring board)

i hope you all had a fun read on this,


Thank you


Louis Vuitton and Govermental Funding.


I never thought in my lifetime, I’d be where i am right now. I never thought i’d be working full time and going to school for the second time around. My dad and i recently had this conversation, that went like this : Alex : I don’t understand why God puts in situations then yanks us our of them? Dad: that’s a hard one to answer.  This weekend has been an emotional roller-coaster for me, on Friday i received a call letting me know that my temp-to-hire job had been terminated leaving me with out a job at all. ( Minus my part time job). I have no reasons why and neither does the agency i am currently with. My guess is that i was performing slower than everyone else. I just told them everyone learns differently and i have A.D.D. and its really hard for me to focus and function too.

You maybe asking yourself i thought this was a fashion blog? not where she just writes whatever, well this has been on my mind for awhile what do i tap into, and i had a lot of major feedback from my #RealBloggerBeauty Post, that everyone saw me, Alex real and raw. Well I’m going to get even open. I never thought I’d be calling on Monday to talk to the Department of Human Services people again to ask if i can get more money for food stamps. I am the only person working in my household while i go to school. I am in credit card and student loan debt that im working hard to pay off. You might be asking well how the hell do you have a Louis Vuitton bag if you are on food stamps? Its called (using resources) my Alma Louis Vuitton bag was purchased off of Craigslist, yes you heard me right Craig List. When i lived in davenport, i used to follow E-Drop Off Religiously. I mean RELIGIOUSLY. (if you don’t know what it is click that link). When i started blogging i used to look at people like The Bag Snob, Sussie Bubble, Corals and Cognacs, you name them i read them. I kept thinking why cant i own Designer handbags, i mean i remember that one time ( i bought 2 totally fake Gucci bags from E bay with the sellers convincing me for real, that’s when i did my homework ,and i got so GOOD at spotting fake bags very easily plus there’s awesome resource tutorials out there i figure why are you ever gonna spend that amount with actually KNOWING the difference and honey i don’t carry FAKE) When i bought my LV Alma (which you can see it here on the LV Site) This bag is $1996.00. Now don’t get me wrong, if i had that kinda money and everything was all paid off i would buy it. I graciously paid $286.00 for my alama. You’re probably asking your from Iowa? how do you know anything about Louis Vuitton don’t you live in a corn field? Well its called The Purse forum , the lady i purchased it from bought from a consignment store and i then had it authenticated before i bought it by experts. I feel as I’m pretty smart when it comes to using the resources i have for luxury fashion. Granted how many coach bags you see in Iowa, i wanted to stand out above that (don’t get me wrong Coach is awesome but so many people in Iowa that’s all they know they don’t know Alexander Wang, Celine, Peter Pilato, The Row, or even what a Barney’s is (no and I’m not talking the dinosaur) ).

At this point after reading this you’re asking what is the point you are making you sound poor broke and desperate. Well I’m two out of those three, I may not have a lot of income right now.  I chose to go to school for photography which didn’t really lead me in a career i wanted to see myself in. I’m  wrestling and fighting in school now to make sure what I’m studying will make me a decent job of what i can be happy at. At this point ever since 2011 i have heard of things like Food Stamps. I think I’ve always known that there was a thing called Food Stamps. Its a program in which the government provides money for people who aren’t making a lot income. More and more families are on it every day of there lives, myself included. Now your asking Alex, your on food stamps and you own Louis Vuitton , and you bought something form Louis Vuitton. Yes sadly I’m in 3400.00 of credit card debt, which I’ve accumulated for awhile and working really hard to pay that off every month. I have really good credit, but i cant just find enough work or a good full time job that can help me pay that off faster. It’s my responsibility, and (yet i think Kim Kardashian spends that in like what a day or a week?). Right now my dad says you cant control how your life is being lived or how or what happens to you that’s in God’s hands not yours. Thankfully, right now since i lost my job i have parents that can help but i realized that cant last forever can it?

I never thought at twenty-seven id be living pay check to pay check , trying to pay bills and without a full time job trying to figure out what am i good at? What is that makes me happy (besides instagramming all the jewelry i own @styledintheheartland) I cant ask people for help, i have to do this on my own. Yes, i know i own LV yes (i have  thought of selling that bag but it means a lot to me) i realized when i wrote the #realbloggerbeauty story, that this is where it lies for me being 100% open about my life, i have no choice but to go to the government (even though some would rather be like eh you’re a sponge you just want government food stamps to work the system) but i look at it as “How very fortunate are we to live here in America and gain the help of our government”. Its been a roller coaster of a weekend trying to figure out where I want to go what I want to do? I just applied to a job in Los Angeles maybe ill get who knows? But i thought id share more of the realest part of me i know.


thank you,




This is where its gets, raw and real.

Photo on 8-3-13 at 9.25 AM


I’ve been taking a summer break from styled in the heartland, a lot has changed and happened since i went off to Go Blog Social, (which i learned a lot) I was hoping to have my blog re-done and changed but its just not in my current budget to do so. I am out of school finally, and I’m at a brand new job which i have very little time to actually blog but im going to try to when i can.. I don’t want to go into all those mixed emotions i have about blogging and just not feeling part of a group or that i just suck at coming up with titles or styles that people are into but myself.

Today my dear friend Maya from Charmingly Styled is leading a campaign called #RealBloggerBeauty. I want to share my story, i felt compelled to do so as other ladies have shared there stories and some of them are amazing. Well lets see where do i begin with me?


I’d say it was about sometime when i was in elementary school i weighed about probably what most girls weigh now in the 120-140 range. I knew that when i got to junior high and high school i was gonna be bigger and i was. i was plus sized in jr and high school, and i guess that’s where my love of thrift stores started. I couldn’t find clothes that never would ever fit me and i had to start shopping there because i always found things i loved. I really wanted to write a book called “skinny issues”.  The book was to talk about issues, i suffered from being a bigger girl. It really sucked for me in high school, guys weren’t interested in someone that was bigger, they just looked at me and said “Absolutely not”. It was hard not having a mother in my life ,to tell me that guys don’t matter its your self that matters. I suffered mostly in my high school years though depression, anxiety and suicide attempts (a lot of that i would later learn that it is ramped in my family and generational). I still hated my body. I remember i made this t shirt in high school that said “I’m glad I’m fat so then guys wont use me”. I made it as a joke but people were more or less impressed. I still thought maybe people would get a joke out of it, but yet i was still hating my body.


Skip to college i suffered a lot of the same issues, (and second life entered my life here and you can learn about that from my previous GBS Post). When i went away to art school i thought “Ive found my people”. People like me artsy, and i got the hell out of Iowa. Yet throughout my college years i experienced the same things as high school and Jr high. I was the only one who hadn’t really dated anyone my first boyfriends (3) were met on the internet and i never have met them even though one of them and i still pretty awesome friends.  I remember my sophomore year of college did this photography project called “Campus Girls. The Girls of Iowa was a sexy calender where college girls from U of I and some of them i actually knew. I actually shot my self in sexy lingerie and pasted my self into beaches , to talk about how beauty is very skin deep and it was very scandalous and sexual, and my teacher thought it was brilliant and gave me A+ for it (that critique was heated). I struggled throughout college trying to love and accept myself. Trying to understand why i was single, why guys looked me and thought i was ugly. I hated myself deeply (which is a little bit why i played second life so much because i got to be a beautiful girl no one thought was fat or ugly). Believe me when i say ive heard it all, i have, i have heard “Fat Ass, Ugly as Fuck, Attention Whore, Basket Case, Crazy, Shit faced ugly, Obese, Big Girl, Thunder Thighs, Fucking Ugly as Shit. You name I’ve been called it. It never really came to my attention till my senior year of college where i really started to explore my self and inner loneliness in depth in my thesis called “Dwelling single” which was really a study of why I’m always alone ,or i feel so very alone all the time. The funny thing is i remember my senior year, i totally identified with a porn star called “Erik Rhodes (he once dated marc jacobs ) and he was addicted to heroin but some of the things he was saying about how he felt, i felt the exact same way. (his current blog is here)

“Everyone’s looking, everyone hides
Everyone’s telling everyone lies
We’re changing the subject, we’re turning away
Away from the heart of it all

You say you are happy, do you think this is fun?
Well, it’s only a firefly to the light of the sun
You say this is living, you feel so alive
Well, you know everything dies”

After i graduated college i spent a good 6 years (until now still hating my body). Skip to the time i lived in Chicago (which  i miss EVERYTHING about that). i was so poor i didn’t have two dimes to rub together and my parents kept supporting me. I tried everything there to find a boyfriend, but i heard it all “Your Fat , Your Ugly gross”. I used to walk up and down oak street and look at the expensive things in Prada and Hermes , thinking i wish i could fit that, but (the funny thing is finding amazing clothes was never a problem because i just wore things no one else was wearing and everyone else thought was weird thanks to the village outlet) I was gonna throw myself out there to anyone who wanted me, i was so desperate for someone to accept me and love me. I did finally date someone, but it didn’t last because they had trust issues and were in a bad financial situation. I still hated my body i was 280 pound thinking God, why did you make me this fat, all my friends are so skinny and can fit ANYTHING and I’m struggling to find a good job , (i even remember i tried to be a adult dancer because i had no where else to turn and even i tried being a sugar baby i had NO where else to turn) Fast forward to when i moved back to Davenport Iowa, (i cried all the way home out of Chicago).

The first year in davenport, i struggled with depression and intense loneliness and i felt isolated from everything and everyone, (even i was playing Second Life i felt exactly the same way) but i learn that i was OK with that, I had a random hook up with a guy i met through craigs list (worst mistake ever). I had been on so many sugar baby| Daddy websites trying to get someone to love me and accept me for who i was. I idolized people like Corri McFadden and her staff because they were all these pretty rich and hard working and skinny girls who i wanted to be . I had one sugar daddy that liked me who sent me like 40.00 and after that i felt deep inside, i had to loose some weight its not healthy and then came the greatest time 9months of my life, i lost 60lbs. I couldn’t Tell you that time in my life was more freeing than anything. i felt so empowered. everyone came out of the woodwork’s to support me and saw me change and i felt strong and powerful. I then shortly after 2012 i lost my job. I got a job but it was a job i was terrible at i didn’t belong at and i hated.  I was sent into nearly almost a year of serious depression and weight gained. ( ive probably gained about 20lbs back). Enter 2013: I decided towards the end of 2013 i was going to get out of davenport. I hated it there. need a changed. I moved to Ankney and started writing styled in the heartland and got in school full time. I met someone my boyfriend Humberto, (who told me i was super beautiful)  which incidentally we knew of each other in Chicago. Since I’ve been in central Iowa ive idolized my fellow bloggers (Kaitlyn and Samantha they are hard working girls and are so beautiful and everything i am not). Ive been wrestling a lot latley with my weight , and if i should keep going with my blog, i told Jenna from Chi City Fashion i hate being labeled as plus size, no one is into what I’m into. She told me just to go with what you know.

Since this summer, I’ve been still deeply hating who i am. I hate what i see when i look at myself. I try to tell myself God Loves me For who i am, i have friends and family that really like me. Those obsessive compulsive thoughts JUST don’t even go away. Even at go blog social i kept thinking GOD I’m like the fattest girl here.. I really want to have plastic surgery to get rid of my ugly body. I just honestly want to be skinny and cute i just hate the way i look. I try to love myself (i know how can i love someone when i cant love me) but i have my good days and bad days and im a lot healthier than i was 3 years ago. I never set out to write tonight this but i try to remember God never Made NO JUNK. I need to learn to love myself, and accept and try to think Im still functioning and i do have people in my life that love me.

-with that,ill end my story of #realbloggerbeauty.




Hip Hop Insipration







To all the ladies in the place with style and grace
Allow me to lace these lyrical duches in your bushes
Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies?
The back of the club, sippin Moet, is where you’ll find me
The back of the club, mackin hoes, my crew’s behind me
Mad question askin, blunt passin, music blastin
But I just can’t quit

Coat:  L’Wren Scott X Banna Republic  | Notorious B.I.G. Shirt  Thrifted (Similar Here) | Gap Leggings | Mossimo Tennishoes | Adidas Chain Bag (part of the impossible to find Missy Elliot Collection) | Gold Link Necklace – Thrift (Similar Here) | Bamboo Earrings – ( Similar Here) | Glasses Spacer corps by Garret Weins Kind (one of a kind)

Lets Clutch It.







Once again here i am writing about glorious spring again (can’t you see I’ve broken out the sun glasses.) Today i am going will be talking about something i adore clutches! I have been a huge fan of the little purse ever since college. I started collecting vintage clutches from thrift shops and antique shops. I really do love vintage bags. I’ve been fawning over some clutches recently. I was lucky enough to get to sit down with a company who i adore. I saw a few of the bags on the website. I immediately had to email and chat with Ashlyn’d clutches . I had to have of course fun in my photo shoot today showing you just how many clutches i actually own (the red one is a vintage Furla and I’m obsessed with it) Here’s my chit-chat with Ashlee the designer behind Ashlyn’d Clutches


STIHL: What do you offer over other clutches …what makes yours special?

Ashlynd: Ashlyn’d clutches are very unique. We love the idea of turning something entirely unexpected into a purse. Our bags truly are conversation starters. I think affordability and quality really separate us in the marketplace. We also focus on functionality. Our clutches are made to fit a lot of stuff where many other evening bags barely fit a phone!

STIHL: Who are the primary designers of the clutches? What is your background and history?

Ashlyn’d: My name is Ashlee Nik, I am the designer and founder of ashlyn’d. I was born and raised in Los Angeles where I acquired a love for fashion at an early age watching my mother design belts and handbags. I attended business school as I thought I would pursue a career in finance but could not seem to squash my creative yearning. I then decided to go to fashion school where I studied product development and design. I worked in the fashion industry for several years doing design and product development as well as visual merchandising for companies such as JBrand and Alice + Olivia.

I launched ashlyn’d alongside my mother, Denise Lewinstein, in January of 2013. We wanted to explore the idea of making bags that were entirely unexpected. The concept of creating clutches that looked like marble, granite, wood etc. seemed to inspire the “nature themed” collection. In order to achieve this look, we use acrylics and exotic woods with custom finishes. During the development process, I came up with the idea to create an acrylic bag filled with sand that floats to give a “snow-globe” effect. This developed into a full line of bags with various fillers like pearls, chains, etc. While constructing the bags, it was very important to us that the bags could fit everything a girl may need; a mirror to touch up her makeup, enough room to fit all of the necessities (a phone, lipstick, credit card and ID, and much more!). It was also very important to us that the clutches be priced reasonably so that they would be attainable to the average consumer. Most importantly, we always had a fond appreciation for quality goods that were hand crafted as opposed to having a machine-made assembly line produce our bags. In an attempt to help bring manufacturing back to the United States and maintain quality control, my mother and I chose to work with Los Angeles based artists to construct our clutches.

I was on a search for evening bags and felt the market was lacking something that was truly different but at the same time moderately priced. I spoke with my mother about the idea of creating a bag that looked as though it was made out of a material that was completely unexpected, like marble. This idea ended up emerging into a full collection which my mother, Denise Lewinstein, and I now run. It truly started more as a shopping experience and ended up as a business.


STYHL : What is your design aesthetic? What inspires the clutches?

Ashlyn’d: My desire to bring affordable luxury to a consumer that loves fashion and is not scared to take a risk, certainly influences my brand. Of course, when I am designing I take into account not only what I love and would want to carry, but what I think my friends might love as well. When my mother and my best friend are both fighting over the same bag, I know I have a winner

I take a lot of influence from nature. I am always looking at different types and colors of marbles, shells, pearls, rocks etc.  We have several bags that are made out of wood and I get a lot of inspiration for the finishes from furniture. My father having run one of the largest furniture businesses for 45 years, has allowed him to acquire some of the most beautifully finished antique furniture.


STYHL: What’s the future hold for  Ashlyn’d?

Ashlyn’d: We just launched a few leather styles and we will continue to develop more bags in different materials other than woods and acrylics. We also have some fun exiting collaborations coming up for some other types of accessories which we cannot wait to share with you soon!As you can totally see they are the cutest company don’t you think? Such sweet people to work with.


I enjoyed getting to know the company better. Plus i am still drooling over the teddy clutch and the chalkboard clutch. I hope that you enjoyed my chit chat with Ashlynd, head over to the website and pick out some pretty clutches for yourself. You’ll be pretty happy you did!

Swag Shirt- Thrifted – (Similar Here) | Neon Tube Dress- Thrifted (Similar Here) | Faded Glory Leggings |Neon Flats -Old – Gap- (similar Here)|  Thunderbolt Earrings | Gnome Necklace By Jessiii | Sunglasses Thrifted (Similar Here) | Clutches : Vintage (Similar Styles Here and Here)|  Lipcolo- Fiery Viel By Loreal


It’s My Birthday and Ill Wish If I Want To.


Since i am on spring break. I am gloriously loving every moment of it. I have began to think about a very important (yet celebration next month). I am not talking about (how freaking excited i am for GO BLOG SOCIAL!). I am talking about my birthday! Yup that’s right you heard it here I’ll be turning the big 27. I know how the heck did i get so old? Well i started making a wishlist already to see all the fun things i want. It just my own little personal wishlist!  I hope you enjoy (and maybe start wrapping !)


Ice Cream Cone Lamp | Ice Cream Scoop Hair Clip | Stripped Missy Piggy Applique | Lamb Chop Party Dress | Perfume Bottle Iphone Case | Initial Necklace by Amedeo NYC | Nikki Joy Ring by Danna Rebecca Designs | Crochet Dianna Colorful Pastels Purse | Betsey Johnson Frozen Clutch | Who Got The Smooch Bag | Pome Sweet Home Bag|


The Dookie Chain by Yokoo | Back Pachyderm | French Bull Dog Tote |Privileged Mercer Neon Color Blocked PumpSkeleton Brachiosarus Necklace | Butterfly Rainbow Necklace |Miss Piggy Party DressFine Art Collection Dress |



The charm of Spring











Spring is finally here! I’ve been really feeling  inspired by Dinah Shores “April In Paris”. This weather is really wonderful, welcome spring.

I never knew the charm of spring,
I never met it face to face,
I never new my heart could sing,
I never missed a warm embrace.

April’s in the air
but here in Paris
April wears a different gown
You can see her waltzing down
the street.

Dress: Vintage (Similar Style Here and Here ) | Pants: Thrifted (Similar Here) | Necklace: Beaded Flower Collar Necklace | Purse : Vintage Deer Skin Bag (Similar Here) | Shoes: Old Navy | Headband Made by Me(tutorials here)