A Letter To My Readers

February 16, 2014

Dear Styled in The Heartland Readers,

Hi there, I am sorry that it has taken me sometime to get back to writing this blog. This year has started out really rough for me but also well. The good first, I started attending Community College the beginning of January. I am so far enjoying but very busy keeping up a schedule, with work and school and staying on top of things. I’m studying marketing and web design as well as mass communications. Life has been busy. Now the bad part of this entire story, the last week in January I was driving somewhere with my boyfriend, and we were rammed in the side of my car by an on-coming vehicle.  Thank God I was not hurt, we did end up going the emergency room while my boyfriend went to be checked out. I was very hysterical through all this, because that car I depended on to get me to work and school, and it had become very difficult, as I have no financial means to acquire another car.  Luckily not one of us was really hurt in this ordeal.  I was left to seek out transportation in Iowa where I live there isn’t a big fancy bus or transportation system like NYC or Chicago, I knew things could be a lot worse believe me when I say this, I knew it. I was at the point of giving up, with everything my blog, school to focus on work to try to make money to basically have a car again, I fell back in my old habits again I logged on to Second Life, which if time permits I still somewhat play, occasionally, but I am far to busy now due to school and work but still fighting to let it not affect my soul or what people in that world say. I am still working on a lot of stuff, especially me, how much do I really love myself? How do others see me, how can I really be a blogger or approach things in another way.  Its like Ellen Page, said in we fall into “I represent an industry that crushes standards on us, not just young people but older, standards of beauty, of success standards that I hate to admit that affected me. Ideas planted in your head, ideas of how you have to act, how you have to dress and who you have to be. I’ve been trying to push back and trying to follow my heart but it can be hard.”  With that being said, its just been hard, to identify myself as a “blogger, or a plus sized blogger.” I don’t know even sometimes I cant write about style and such my dear friend Kelly said it aint no Hurry, but I still believe it will take hard work I want to do this although it has been a struggle. I recently have been searching ideas out on how I want to purse this, blog and first of all, I am going to think about that I want to make this more of images because I am a visual writer rather than a writer. I want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, readers or people that have wanted to work with me, I am still here I am still believing in this blog. With my accident and life happening I had to stop for a while. I am here to write back saying I am here writing to you, writing to you reading. I want to also take a moment, that I am still planning on going to Go Blog Social . With my accident, it sucked all my saved money for it but I still have my “go fund me” page, which you can donate to help with expenses for me to go, please don’t feel inclined to but this is a place for me, to learn to grow with this blog, and it’s important and such. I want to know I thank you for all the help, the sweet messages through this trying time, I hope #2014 gets a lot better from here on out,

With much love,

Alexandria Stratton

Styled in the heartland writer.

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